21 most dangerous candies and other candy facts

For many, consuming candy is the start of the slippery slope of overindulging. Giving in to the temptations of of candy activates areas of the brain to create neurotransmitters adore dopamine (master switch of meals addiction) that can easily drive us drive us to overeat.

In a recent article, we looked at exactly how manufactures take advantage of our desire to consume healthy and balanced by incorporating mischievous marketing messages in to their advertising to “suggest” a good health benefit and exactly how this can easily hijack our potential for consuming healthy. Hershey’s Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Mug 1 pound gift package was the example. Along with 12 servings in one the entire package it yields 2,280 gram calories 132 grams fat and 240 grams sugar (1.25 cups sugar) and the bars are not scored so it’s your guess as to just what a part looks like. Devoid of some sort of visual cue (offered in a one serving part size, scored in to portions, etc.)

Mindless consuming can easily easily lead to eating way too much and some might think of mindless consuming as potentially dangerous.

Want to see the Reese’s Peanut Butter Mug 1 pound package – Click here for the link.

Click here for a link, to just what one writer published recently, identifies as the 21 most dangerous candies (includes photos).

What’s in you cupboard, desk drawer or local vending machine?

Ironically throughout Halloween frequently articles take a contrary approach. One that surfaces every year since short article originally posted in 2011, titled 20 much better Halloween Candy Choices, includes 7 of the same candy brands in the 21 most dangerous article, giving justification to indulge for those that merely cannot resist the temptation of candy … part manage is emphasized.

The author does yet state that ” it’s all still sugar-filled candy and inherently unhealthy, Yet sometimes there’s no avoiding that sweet tooth.”

The question is – do we Wish to consume something that is inherently harmful to satisfy a “sweet tooth”, pretty compared to something a bit healthier; a topic for yet another blog on why we justify non good health promoting habits as soon as it is something we take pleasure in and pretty not do without.

Read more, concerning Nourishment Facts for Enjoyable Size Candy Bars and the honest truth that because “these part controlled tiny treats are usually sold in large bags”, “we will certainly still should rely on will certainly power to refrain from overindulging,” on sugar, fat and calories, which several of us end up doing, especially about the holidays. Click here for the link:

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