Arcadia Uncorks Wine Vault

Fact: Arizonans enjoy their wine, yet their wine doesn’t necessarily enjoy Arizona’s climate.

But, Scottsdale, Arcadia and Phoenix residents alike have actually a brand-new resource to protect their precious varietals – The Vault Wine Storage.

The space was founded by regional entrepreneur Deborah Fortini, a wine lover herself.

“While visiting the Valley in 2010 and contemplating my eventual relocate to Arizona, I noticed there was no offsite facility available that could adequately store my wine,” says Fortini. “The only selections for wine storage were a couple of ‘self-storage’ facilities that had some temperature controlled space available for rent within their large general storage area.”

As the two an avid wine lover and a veteran commercial actual estate broker, she saw a potential opportunity and an suggestion was born. Today, the Vault Wine Storage is the first-ever facility specializing in storing wine, and only wine, and catering its concierge services to wine lovers in the area. The Vault’s mission is to store its clients’ investments in a secure, efficient, flexible, and convenient fashion and give a community for regional wine enthusiasts to share article and host events.

“The Vault Wine Storage is a beautiful, intimate venue for private parties, mixers and corporate functions that was made from a clever re-usage project,” says Fortini. “We likewise strategy to retrofit a second building on the property, to a wine- and food-related use.”

This innovative brand-new approach to properly cellaring wine is thriving thus far – the Phoenix Company Diary even chose to host its lauded “40 Under 40” event at the space in recent years – and great wine connoisseurs are lining up for the facility that features state-of-the-art temperature, light and humidity controls, a vibration-free environment, security and backup electricity units and a lot of customizable storage solutions.

According to Fortini, personal Vault Wine Storage amenities include:

  • Facilities professionally maintained at 55-57°F along with 60-70% humidity—perfect for aging your wines gracefully
  • Monitored, layered security units along with personal service onsite throughout Company hours
  • Backup units – why store your wine at residence and have actually to worry regarding your units as soon as you are from town
  • Ship your wine directly to The Vault Wine Storage. Don’t spend your practical time waiting for wine deliveries then having to take care of them again to relocate them in to your cellar, as soon as you can easily have actually them shipped directly to The Vault.
  • Variety – Private lockers in several dimensions and configurations, customizable to your specifications
  • Customized redwood wine racks available
  • Cozy, furnished tasting room and atrium available to host events
  • Regular educational programs and wine tasting events
  • Increased resale prices on your investment wine – as soon as you decide to sell your wine, we give verification that your wine has actually been stored at our commercial facility, which raises assurance from your buyers.

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