Feeling Homesick? Mi Tienda Latina is the Remedy to your Antojitos!

By: Isabel Byfield

Colombians, Dominicans, Peruvians, all Latinos celebrate! If you are really feeling homesick and likewise desire your abuelita’s typical early morning meal or your youth years’s favored sweet, don’t worry– – we have you covered

. Latinos in Arizona have a new place to please their “antojos”. In the heart of Phoenix metro az we discovered Mi Tienda Latina, an area that will certainly advise you of the barrio sensation of the regional simplicity stores that you might locate almost in every edge of any kind of Latin American nation.

Do not allow the little aisles( one individual can hardly fit) misdirect you. Mi Tienda Latina is loaded with incentives from all South The U.S.A. as well as they include a vast selection from Mexico to Argentina.

Photo Credit: Isabel Byfield/AZLatinos.com Picture Credit rating: Isabel Byfield/AZLatinos. com Luis as well as his spouse started Mi Tienda Latina 6 years earlier and have really created a business that appears like a 2nd the residence of his regulars, They presently recognize which aisle to browse to find their favored dulce de leche, arepas or cassava. Talking with Cubans that were seeking the outstanding cassava, while a Peruvian mother seeing from Seattle was showing her matured kid ways to buy the best ajies and also lúcuma gelato, in fact made me really feel comfortable. I furthermore have to highlight that, while the place is not truly substantial, it is one of cleanest markets I have in fact ever been to; every little thing looks fresh and well preserved. What has actually made Mi Tienda Latina a success is that they comprehend that, while Latin American countries

have a great deal in typical, they are each fairly special. They comprehend that the Dulce de Leche from Argentina, the Arequipe from Colombia and also the Cajeta from Mexico are sibling or siblings, not twins; they are all made with milk and also sugar, look really similar, nonetheless taste various. Luckily is you will certainly find them performed in one area!
Photo Credit: Isabel Byfield/AZLatinos.com Photo Credit report: Isabel Byfield/AZLatinos. com I couldn’t hold up against the temptation as well as had to do a miniature mercado for myself. I had to bring home some Venezuelan Tequenos, Argentinian Alfajores, Colombian Arepas, soda along with delicious chocolate to cover it off. So if you are feeling homesick or running decreased on the items your mom sent from your home nation, quit by Mi Tienda Latina as well as get your fix.

Whether it is Brazilian pao de queijo, Argentinian yerba mate, Venezuelan tequeños or Cuban croquetas, you can situate many products from your nation that will certainly recommend you of home while you are away.
Mi Tienda Latina 1811 N. 24th St, Ste E Phoenix city, AZ 602.286.6422 Hours of Procedure: 9 a.m. – – 8:30 p.m.

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