JLO Shows Off Newest Song, ‘Ain’t Your Mama’

Jennifer Lopez wants making something clear: she “Ain’t Your Mama!”

Not to cause any sort of complication, that is really the name of her most recent track. The Queen of the Bronx has actually taken on to her Instagram page all today to tease snippets of the song, along with the 50’s pin-up passionate cover art.

The tune was written by Meghan Trainor and also it reveals, featuring the identical sassy, ladies power lyrics that have actually made the 22-year-old a favorite. “I ain’t going to be cooking throughout the day, I ain’t yo mama……… …” sings the 46-year-old “American Idolizer” court. The remarkable song was created by Dr. Luke, and is the first solitary JLO releases after accrediting with Legendary Records.

JLO will certainly be doing the track tonight at the “Idol’s” spectacular finishing. “Ain’t Your Mother” is now offered on iTunesand Spotify.

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