Newly adopted dog goes missing same day as former foster mother’s memorial

Trace, a newly-adopted dog, is lost in the New River, AZ area, after slipping away from his brand-new house last night, Saturday, October 5, 2014. Trace was adopted out a week ago, from the Luv of Dogz Fund rescue, is a shy dog, and despite the fact that he has actually been spotted several times, every time he has actually been scared off, hampering rescue attempts.

The rescue is asking for anybody in the brand-new River location to sustain an eye out for him, and report sightings to Kendra at 480-747-4121 and Art at 480-747-0310. He initially went rejecting from the 49th Avenue and Kastler Lane location of brand-new River.

Trace, a Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix, is about 50 pounds, tan. He is wonderful along with others dogs and loves children, however takes a little time to warm up to adults – so if spotted, be cautious concerning approaching. He is not a danger to people, however can easily and will certainly be easily spooked – possibly driving your man farther from the area.

Described as sweet-natured, Trace has actually suffered some upheaval recently. Tragically, Trace’s foster mother, Kasey Covey, passed away on Friday, September 26, 2014, flanked by her foster dogs:

The evening she passed, firefighters and her sister located her in bed along with a foster puppy on each edge of her protecting her as she had protected them.

Kasey had currently established an appointment for Trace to satisfy his adopters that Saturday, September 27th, so among the Luv of Dogz Fund members took Trace to satisfy them and finalized his adoption.

Trace has actually just been in his adoptive house one week, and escaped the very same day of his foster mother’s memorial service, October 4th. Please circulate his write-up and let’s assistance Trace discover his method house again!

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