Dave Mason: Living witness to rock history

Try to remember exactly what you were doing 50 years ago. Playing big black flat circular play devices called albums, that’s what. If you are old enough to have actually memories a half-century old, that is, and if you are, opportunities are good you don’t have actually those records anymore. Yet Dave Mason, one of the original members of the folksy, bluesy and jazzy British experimental rock band Traffic, can easily remember quite well … well enough to go on touring to sustain the flame of those seminal years of rock’n’roll alive, and he’s stuck about long enough for those old LPs to become fashionable again.
He is one of those few individuals still on the circuit along with direct connections to the British Invasion and classic rock. Others compared to his early Traffic years, he played along with Jimi Hendrix on the “Electric Ladyland” sessions, jammed along with the Rolling Stones on the “Beggar’s Banquet” album, and was on hand for George Harrison’s bountiful “All Points Should Pass” triple-decker record. In the 1990s, he was yet yet another member of a reformed Fleetwood Mac. He was even along with Derek and the Dominoes originally, playing at the band’s very first gig featuring Eric Clapton, Yet left prior to “Layla” had scorched the radio landscape in 1972.
And at the age of 68, he’s still working in the guitar-rock tradition. For example, he released a brand-new album this year, “Future’s Past,” which kicks off along with a version of the Traffic hit “Dear Mr. Fantasy” that includes a brand-new set of chords, moving it from a minor to a major key, along with Mason singing the lead rather than Steve Winwood, along with vigor.
He says his current act, Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam, a fully electric rock show, follows the long trail of his career. That journey began along with the early inspirational days as quickly as Traffic retreated in to a cottage in the Berkshires of England in 1967 to produce material for exactly what would certainly become “Mr. Fantasy.” After that, a long string of solo albums throughout the 1970s, as quickly as he was one of the darlings of album-oriented rock radio on the FM dial along with such songs as “Only You Know and I Know,” “Shouldn’t have actually Took a lot more compared to You Gave” and a a lot more mid-tempo ballad recorded by numerous others, “We Simply Disagree.”
Traffic, inducted in to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, was constantly a type of evolving entity along with a revolving door, in terms of the players, Mason recalls.
“I was there for the beginning of the very first two bands,” he says of the early incarnations of Traffic. “So Dave Mason’s Traffic Jam is a journey of my musical history from then to now.”
And he makes sure the interviewer knows that you can’t trust that musical history by reading Wikipedia.org.
“The stuff concerning me on the Wikipedia page is … I don’t go in for it much,” he says.
For example, Mason says it’s true he met Steve Winwood while working as a roadie for little 15-year-old Stevie’s band, The Spencer Davis Group. And it’s true Mason and Jim Capaldi, a long-time member of Traffic that gave the band its name while standing on a street corner, were friends in a band called the Hellions prior to that. And it’s likewise true that Mason was a frequent on-again, off-again member of the band, a lot more a member of its 1967-1970 heyday compared to of the band that would certainly later reach the height of its popularity along with such extended jazz-folk-rock adventures as “John Barleycorn Should Die” and “The reduced Spark of Higher Heeled Boys,” which was likewise notable for its die-cut cover in 1971.
Indeed, Mason, even as the band’s most prolific songwriter, was a mercurial element in the group that launched your man professionally Simply as much as he launched it.
“After the very first album, I was so young, 19 years old, and joining the band was too much to deal with,” he says. “The second time I went in to the studio (along with Traffic), I wrote half that album,” including the song “Feelin’ Alright,” one of the a lot more regularly covered songs of the era, including a version by Three Pet Night, and then, Joe Cocker, that made hits from it as well. Does Mason remember the inspiration for that one?
“I don’t know,” he laughs. “It’s probably Simply yet another failed partnership song.”
One a lot more note on the Wikipedia history: It’s for good untrue that as quickly as Mason, a sought-out studio musician as a solo artist, played acoustic guitar on Jimi Hendrix’s version of “All Along the Watchtower,” he did not demand 27 takes to grab it right.
“We went in to the studio and we did a few takes,” he says. “I don’t believe we had to do it 27 times, Yet sometimes you will certainly spend a whole day in the studio on one song.” Did he have actually a sense of premonition that “All Along the Watchtower,” which he still plays live today, would certainly become a monument in rock history? “It was already an vital (Bob Dylan) song as quickly as we recorded it,” he responds.
And exactly how did it feel to have actually others make hits in the U.S. of his early Traffic songs? Mason says he loved it. It only seemed fair.
“We took every little thing we could locate from America and made it our own: jazz, gospel, the blues,” he says. “I Simply drank it in.”
The Dave Mason of 2014 is reverential of those minutes of Traffic as quickly as he was there, as opposed to as quickly as he was not. The set list for the Traffic Jam shows includes “Feelin’ Alright,” “40,000 Headmen,” “You can easily All Join In,” as well as a reconfigured “Dear Mr. Fantasy.” Added to that are several songs from a prolific solo career, a period that could be remembered as the terrific age of the vinyl album, beginning along with his 1970s release, “Alone Together,” which he says could have actually quite easily fit in as material for a Traffic album, “Yet that’s the means it is.”
To this day, Mason remains a believer in the AOR rock ethos, keeping tight along with his musical origins as well as social triggers and charities, including job for organizations that give music appreciation instruction for children.
“I truly don’t follow what’s going on in music too much,” he says. “I’m so busy along with my own stuff, and I’m truly not paying attention. There are still talented individuals out there, Yet I don’t believe albums truly matter any more. It has actually gone spine to singles, which is the means it was as quickly as we got started. In that way, every little thing has actually changed. There’s no genuine FM radio anymore. Yet otherwise, it’s the same as always. You demand a song and you demand a performance.”

October’s Adoptable Dog of the Month – Meet Chiffon!

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There is no faith which has actually never ever yet been broken, except that of a actually faithful dog.” ~Konrad Lorenz

Ferguson, Missouri: In search of truth

Tragedy has actually struck the small town of Ferguson, Missouri. This once peaceful town has actually been rocked by violence, closing schools, placing business owners on guard. Church leaders question authority and civil rights advocates are standing on proverbial soap boxes in the town square. The death of Michael Brown, 18, has actually gained global news these days because of the media storm dredging up race and bigotry where it might or might not exist. Bias news networks have actually jumped on the bandwagon for ratings, pushing an image of a black junior higher school kid that was gunned down by a racially inspired white police officer. Even though early on, a video was leaked from the security camera in a convenience store showing Michael’s petty theft and assault on the business owner prior to his encounter along with the officer, Michael is portrayed as free of malice in the news, the officer as a racist. There is as much mistruth in the 2 characterization as each one reacted badly in a single moment in time.

This small town of 21,000 residents has actually 53 police officers along with only three being of color. The demographics of Ferguson is a ratio of 67% African American residents to 29% Caucasian. To give a reasonable and balanced debate on exactly what happened in Ferguson, it is vital to look closely using critical thinking to uncover the potential truth. According to the autopsy given by the family of Michael Brown, evidence supports a head shot to the teen as he was falling forward, rushing forward or kneeing along with his head down. The officer reported Michael charged in to his car attempting to take his firearm, resulting in his gun firing twice, one hitting the teen, one bullet lodged inside the roof of the car. The news report from CNN released October 18th reported that forensic evidence might prove the officer’s claim. From supposition gathered by “eye witness account” it appears that Michael, Even though mortally wounded managed to spine from the automobile throwing his arms up yelling, “Okay, Okay” prior to dropping to the pavement.

Justice, or impartiality, usually implies that the situation at hand has actually been investigated using forensic evidence much more compared to questionable eye witness account or outside sources developing racial tension. Justice is served after a legal panel has actually determined a crime has actually been commited. The case in Ferguson will certainly not be known until November, after the Grand Jury has actually had time to view and analyze all of the evidence, yet the officer’s life has actually been threatened and he has actually been painted a racist. He could be or he might not be.

There could be a racial conflict between the citizens and the police, yet this honest truth is not proven to date. Last Wednesday an 18 year old African American male was killed by a white officer in Saint Louis, Simply 18 miles from Ferguson. The parents of Vonderrit Myers Jr., and eye witnesses claimed this teen wasn’t armed. Protests broke out calling for justice for the teen, that was on parole at the time of his death. The facts and forensic evidence proved that this troubled teen was covered in gunshot residue proving he fired on the officer. The offices claimed the youth shot three rounds prior to the police opened fire, case closed; media rapidly broke the honest truth and buried the story. Eye witnesses gave false testimony, claiming he was unarmed; the officer was defending himself, the forensic evidence proved his claim. Racial tensions broke out briefly prior to moving spine to Ferguson.

States away, Simply two days after the teen in Ferguson was killed by a white officer, a white and Hispanic mixed twenty year was killed by a black officer. This case was a Ferguson-love attack in Salt Lake City, Utah. The young man, Dillon Taylor was due in court for unlawful use of a firearm and resisting arrest, yet the officer did not understand this at the time. Accounts proved that Even though this white male was unarmed, there was enough evidence to prove reasonable intent to shoot the officer, a physique cam and recorder on the police cruiser backed up the claims; a case of self-defense. Black officer killed white youth, yet nothing regarding race was pressed by the media here.

The Duty Officer in Ferguson, Mo., October 19th, told this reporter that the majority of protestors have actually been respectful, yet the “opportunist” that come out at night have actually create terrific property damage. The gentleman from the convenience store robbed by Michael has actually withdrawn his eye witness account. The officer remarked that it was probably because of fear. A Quick method was burned to the ground and a spray paint authorize appeared on the standing wall, “this is exactly what happens to squealers.”

Rev. Peter Morales of the Unitarian Universalist Association calls for a vigil for Ferguson “Standing on the edge of love” standing along with those seeking healing and justice. exactly what portion of social justice do the Unitarians stand for? Need to Al Sharpton, others faith leaders as well as the Unitarian Universalist Association champ a create which might prove false or wait for justice and the law to prove guilt?

free of caution on events media moguls twist in to racial tension, our liberal faith could fall victim to the pretty bias the Unitarian Universalist Association desires to quell. Stand on the edge of enjoy for justice sake using facts to guide the way. The theme at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix this month is forgiveness. It is time to forgive misguided protestors on the 2 sides of the issue. It is time to promote healing and teach tolerance to those that are seeking. Ferguson is gained up of victims and offenders yet it is time to lay down implements of violence, seek forgiveness and wait for the honest truth to be known.

GOP gubernatorial candidate’s ‘tooth fairy math’ is mythic run-in with reality

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey is simply an additional Republican candidate that is so far flung in his thinking that he believes he can easily imaginatively reinvent the political, social and especially financial realities out West.
His insistence that the state can easily somehow grab out from under the thumb of the federal government is a authorize that he’s an additional right-wing ideologue enjoy Colorado GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez, that desires his state to take over national parks. Yet Arizona is No. 8 in the nation in terms of federal funds received annually. The state’s economy is dependent upon the defense industry. No wonder his opponent, Democratic challenger Fred DuVal accuses Ducey of “tooth fairy math.”
Ducey, that resembles a Gila monster in a match along with a Bob’s Big Boy haircut, can easily at least be credited for one thing: A single-minded determination to preserve to his talking points, regardless of just what the question may be at the debate. As the former CEO of the Cold Stone ice lotion chain, I can easily surely see your man in an apron wielding an ice lotion scoop, Yet I’m not sure exactly how that qualifies your man for governor. And if I have actually to listen to that upper-Midwestern Ohioan accent after November, I’m going to have actually to turn the sound off on my television. (See, we Dumbocrats can easily make superficial points, too.)
Exposing a myth is simple enough to do, Yet as quickly as you are attempting to see through piles of propaganda higher as mountains, it’s simple to grab stuck in the quicksand if you don’t preserve your eyes to the ground. The myth I’m referring to is that Arizonans have actually some sort of special independent streak that sets them apart from the rest of the nation. As GOP nominee Ducey puts it on the endless campaign commercials, “We are known for our independence streak here in Arizona.”
Such falsehoods were perpetuated as quickly as Washington Times online opinion editor Monica Crowley wrote on July 16, 2014, that the American West is “a region that remained most faithful to the nation’s founding principles of personal freedom, rugged individualism and economic freedom.”
Just takes a little research to discover this is not the case. The point is, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ducey is accused of getting a government bailout as a result of the failure rates and financing, in general, for his Cold Stone ice lotion franchises. It got so bad, it didn’t even take a political commercial to put me over the edge (that is, to inspire an extended commentary). Nope, it was an ice lotion commercial that boasted Arizonans are “fiercely independent.”
How this could be is the root of the myth of the West as somehow being some sort of island of do-it-on your own virtues, and additionally helps to explain why Arizona continues to breed such weird political animals. All kinds of ironies persist. State residents, consisting mainly of conservatives and so-called “independents” are unhinged from the honest truth by politicians playing either a rather cynical game, or, are so dyslexic over the state’s actual history they have actually merely swallowed the Kool-Aid. The honest truth is out there, somewhere far in the southwestern deserts of the state, waiting to explode enjoy some sort of unexploded ordnance on the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range, 1.9 million acres of bomb targeted rock and dust roughly the size of Connecticut. Yes, Arizona’s elected are rather tough on defense, the largest part of the federal budget, and, a huge section of Arizona’s economy.
The American Southwest owes its rather civilization to the federal government. And Arizona is forever on life support in myriad ways. For example, free of water from the Central Arizona Project, a federal project carrying water from the Colorado River to Phoenix and Tucson, such cities would certainly have actually never grown to blob status. Prior to that was built, Prior to Arizona was even a state, the Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902 established the chance of raising federal funds for irrigation projects across the West. Due to the fact that the Southwest is a drought-dry desert, and anyone that lives there is essentially receiving only slightly much less life support compared to what’s required on the moon.
In 2011 Cronkitenewsonline.com reported “Federal funds flowing to Arizona have actually doubled in the past 10 years.” Citing the U.S. Census Bureau, the report states “Arizona residents, governments and businesses received $64 billion in federal your hard earned cash in fiscal 2010, a lot more compared to double just what the state received in 2001 .” (This year it was reported that Arizona ranked 10th in the nation for federal funds.)
“The biggest boost in federal funds to Arizona over the past decade was not in salaries or welfare payments, Yet in federal grants to the state and to local jurisdictions, which grew from $5.4 billion in 2001 to $14.4 billion (in 2010),” the report states, a 164 percent boost that occurred while the state’s population grew 20 percent, from 5.3 million people to 6.4 million. The rather notion that Arizona is “fiercely independent” doesn’t score rather higher when, according to Ballotpedia.org, the state is No. 8 in the nation in terms of federal aid to state budgets, a lot more compared to Colorado, Nevada, Brand-new Mexico and Utah.
Arizona Sen. John McCain joined no mood for mythmaking as quickly as he told AZ Capitol Times that “potential defense spending cuts could cost thousands of jobs and $3 billion to the state’s economy.” Yes, it takes a little manure to make the grass green, and rainmaker McCain did all that he could to plow the field. He inserted $14.3 million in a 2003 defense bill so Sun Cor Development could grab its means to buy 122 acres about Luke Air Force Base. At the time, McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers explained the senator “wanted to avoid the Pentagon from closing Luke.” (That worked out okay, Yet Sun Cor went belly up in 2012.)
Indeed, pork knows best. According to Forbes, as a percentage of GDP, Arizona is among the top 10 states (ranked No.8), receiving nearly three percent of all defense spending, $2,321 per resident. Tucson is among the top 10 for military spending or contracts, receiving $4.9 billion per year. The entire state accounts for 96,000 jobs, $9.1 billion in annual economic output and $401 million in state and local taxes. It’s no wonder that politicians enjoy Arizona’s outgoing governor Jan Brewer stressed that defense is the state’s No. 1 industry.

So he could be able to scoop ice cream, Yet it’s not going to do your man much good as quickly as going head-to-head over federal expenditures along with Raytheon.

Yes, there are some outlanders out there, and Ducey is one of them. Echoing the beliefs of outlaw rancher Cliven Bundy, that has actually refused to understand the federal government’s authority, Arizona’s GOP front-runner is just amping up the ideology for Arizona’s far right. Yet, the honest truth is, Ducey’s platform is simply an additional run-in along with reality.

On set with “The Trigger”

Making a film is never ever merely concerning the finished product. Especially in the indie world, a film set serves as an area to do homework, build a network, get hold of recognized, develop a core team, and even get hold of a workout. (Hey, everyone that happens to be on set moves the furniture once the Director says to!)

Recently Snowbird Ghosttown LLC (aka Christopher Bradley) teamed up along with Brian Kiefling of Madu Productions to develop “The Trigger.” The film explores the instinct to save each various other from the dark globe of alcohol addiction and recovery, sometimes at the expense of our own lives. It is written and directed by Christopher Bradley, and stars Slade Pierce and Julia Severance.

The discussions between Snowbird Ghosttown and Madu started at this year’s Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival in June. Bradley wanted to job quickly, along with a target of obtaining the rest of the pre-production job finish in merely 5 weeks. They ran in to snags, and it was strong to offer the cast and crew enough notice to take time off from their day jobs. In fact, due to the fact that they had to begin filming a bit later compared to hoped for, filming spilled over in to the initial week of the school year. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, yet the lead actor, Julia Severance, had to film in short bursts each afternoon prior to going house to do her school work.

Another of the consequences of a short pre-production period was that locations didn’t necessarily have actually time to fully commit. At one point, Kiefling and Bradley found themselves scouting locations for the exact same day’s scene, yet were able to magically pull every little thing together. As is regularly the case on an independent set, most cast and crew job a full time task along with filming, so making the filming routine should have actually seemed love an workout in theoretical mathematics. Plus, due to the fact that it was a SAG/AFTRA set, the quantity of paperwork alone was as thick as the script. Each day.

The film had the normal catastrophes we hear concerning on set: they lost the sound guy as a result of an injury in the initial weekend of filming, they had to reduce one of the lead’s shooting routine since she had to go to school, they had to rent a lot more equipment compared to expected, they lost a location, and they were functioning on open sets, which earned it every one of the a lot more challenging.

But through it all, passion perseveres. As Kiefling said, “once the job is done, there is still job to be done.” The target for “The Trigger” is next year’s festival circuit, then locking down distribution. The crew really came with each other for this one, and a few newcomers truly shone. Marlon Hawkins that served as the Second AD, particularly garnered respect. Even once the initial AD was off set, Hawkins earned a seamless transition and did wonders once he was left in charge on some very challenging days.

One thing runs constant on indie film sets, and it’s the quantity of effort everyone puts in. They job a normal job, after that come and job on set for 8 or 12 hours. They put every one of their focus in to the film for the three weeks they’re filming. And once I ask each Producer just what they’ll do as quickly as they wrap, they every one of offer the exact same one word answer that Kiefling did: “Sleep.”

They’re on Instagram at thetriggermovie and Facebook under “The Trigger.” Inspect out the two to sustain up to date as the film moves in to post-production.