Southern California Beach Vacation Destinations

Sometimes Arizona residents need a break from the desert heat. Beach vacations are a great change-up to the normal heat and arid climate of Scottsdale. Southern California attracts the highest variety of tourists every year to their local beaches. Huntington Beach living is famous and well known for its surfing connections and popular bars. Besides this the others attractions are churches, mansions and the architecture of the colonial days. Tempting blue sea and refreshing breeze is the specialty of Newport Beach. While your continue to be in Southern California, you can easily delight in the cuisine of Manhattan Beach, comfortable resorts, parties, songs and dance.

The Santa Monica community has always been well known for its beaches and fun activities. Nearby Venice Beach is famous for the peace, serenity, calmness and the privacy. Malibu Beach is ideal to for honeymoon couples to visit. It is much less crowded, much less commercialized and provides the ideal atmosphere for honeymoon couples. If you enjoy adventure, water sports, shopping, great meals and wine, ayurvedic therapies, Pacific Palisades is for you. You can easily delight in waters sports enjoy water skiing, paragliding. great dining, wine and beach celebration.

Laguna beach has actually the liveliest nightlife in the area. It is the smallest and ideal beach located in between Dana Point and Newport Beach. Water sports are the significant attraction of every Southern California beach.

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