Suspected animal abuser and hoarder arrested in Laveen – does he have YOUR pet?

Did you shed your dog in the vicinity of 79th Avenue and Baseline Road or near 33rd Avenue and Broadway Road?

If so, Maricopa County Sheriff Deputies would certainly enjoy to hear from you. On October 28, 2014, they raided the property of Luis Garcia, in Laveen, Arizona and discovered a horrific scene of pet abuse and neglect. It is suspected that Garcia has actually been operating a dog-fighting and cock-fighting ring on this property and the MCSO deputies found a lot more compared to 90 pet dogs on his property, located near 79th Avenue and Baseline.

Deputies are not sure where every one of the pet dogs originated from, as Garcia has actually claimed that he “rescued” them, so they are asking that any person that could have actually lost their dog near the property, at 79th Avenue and Baseline Road, or near his estate at 33rd Avenue and Broadway Road, to call the pet cruelty hotline at 602-876-1681 or email You are additionally asked to call if you have actually any kind of post that can easily suggestions them in their investigation.

Garcia is being held on suspicion of 40 counts of animal abuse – dogs, roosters, chickens and donkeys were found malnourished, starving, and showed signs of abuse, and one canine was found dead. Two horses collapsed as quickly as the deputies attempted to remove them.

MCSO was alerted to feasible criminal activity by neighbors that noticed that multiple cars and individuals were coming and going from the property – something the deputies did locate evidence of as quickly as they raided it; among others bits of evidence, they found small dogs chained up along with heavy chains – an indication that these dogs were most likely being used as “bait dogs” to train others dogs to fight. Sickeningly, Garcia confessed that sometimes he fed the dogs pizza scraps – if he had any. There are no residential buildings on the property, and the pet dogs were living in horrific conditions – in cramped cages, along with little-to-no meals or water available.

Without the intervention of neighbors, most likely Garcia’s disgusting and criminal pet abuse would certainly have actually continued, and the suffering of the pet dogs on his property would certainly have actually gone on, unchecked – so if you “see something, say something” – it’s the only means these types of heinous individuals will certainly ever be brought to justice. As a community, we need to be the voice for our animals.

From the Phoenix pet Care Coalition website:

To report pet abuse and overlook in Arizona:

  • Sheriff’s pet Cruelty Hotline 602.876.1681
  • Radio Dispatch 602.876.1011
  • Arizona Humane Society 602.997.758five ext. 2073
  • City of Mesa 480.644.2268
  • City of Surprise 623.583.1085
  • Equine Cruelty 623.326.9378
  • Yavapai County pet Cruelty Hotline 928.771.3595

Animal cruelty could be reported additionally to Silent Witness at 1-800-932-3232

Read a lot more concerning reporting pet abuse here:

Until we have actually the courage to realize cruelty for exactly what it is–whether its victim is human or animal–we cannot expect points to be considerably much better in this world…” — Rachel Carson

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