Positive 2017 Arizona Housing Forecast Great News For North Scottsdale Homes

The home sales forecast for Arizona in 2017 is looking pretty good. In fact, the Phoenix metro area is predicted by Realtor.com to be the number one housing market in the U.S. Home prices are estimated to climb 5.9 percent, and sales to see a strong 7.2 percent increase. A lot of the action is predicted to be generated by post-election home buyers who want to get into the market before interest rates rise. First time buyers especially are expected to give the market a bump as they try to get into a home before affordability becomes an issue. So Phoenix needs to brace itself.

No doubt there will be spillover into the higher end markets of Arizona as well. North Scottsdale could really benefit from house hunters that come looking in Phoenix, but don’t quite find what they want. Possessing some of the most popular neighborhoods and communities in Arizona, North Scottsdale is likely to really see a boost in home interest. Since homes for sale in North Scottsdale are already a big draw due to the numerous amenities and attractions that are nearby, the area could benefit in a big way from a rush on Arizona homes.

It couldn’t come at a better time. The Phoenix area’s housing market is in a very healthy state. While there has been a steady rise in home prices and home sales there is also a short supply of foreclosures which helps to keep prices intact. Every angle points to Phoenix and Scottsdale to be a great place to buy a home.