Predicted Home Buying Boom Good News For North Scottsdale Home Sellers

The news is out and the real estate predictions are loud and clear. The North Scottsdale home market is going to be hot in 2017. In fact, sources like are forecasting that the Phoenix housing market, in particular, is going to be the top performer in the nation. Home prices in the Phoenix area are estimated to rise by almost six percent. Home sales are also predicted to be strong and increase by seven percent.

Part of the reason for all the new interest in Phoenix is strong economic growth. One factor that traditionally follows strong economic growth is equally strong demand for housing. Jobs in Phoenix specifically are expanding at twice the national rate. This is great news for communities in North Scottsdale, especially affluent neighborhoods that offer amenities housing in Phoenix just can’t provide. With its close proximity to the Phoenix metropolitan area, and easy access to business districts, North Scottsdale is extremely attractive to potential home buyers.

Knowing property values is vital to taking advantage of the new demand predicted to hit the market. Professional North Scottsdale Realtors often offer North Scottsdale home evaluations that can give home or property owners accurate assessments of their property values. This is important information to know for anyone who is planning to take advantage of the influx of home buyers.

Where there are home buyers, there also need to be home sellers. The phoenix housing market suffered badly from the previous economic recession. It took many years for its real estate market to recover, but recover it did and its healthy now. With massive interest in Arizona homes prices will rise and home sellers have a great opportunity to get the best prices on their properties should they wish to sell them.